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Freydis (fray-deez)

PriceFrom $95.00
  • Freydis


    Old Norse for "Noblewoman"


    This beautiful arrangement features your choice of a half or full dozen roses and a variety of beautiful blooms, all in shades of red!  


    Gift these beauties to the queen in your life, or treat yourself to some gorgeous blooms. Each bouquet is hand-wrapped in kraft paper with our signature black tissue and branded sticker.


    Please note: Huldra Floral takes an artistic approach to floral design — every flower wrap is one of a kind. The flower varieties in your wrap may vary slightly from what's pictured, to ensure you receive the freshest blooms to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


    • Available for studio pickup on Valentine's Day - Wednesday, February 14th, 2024
    • Once you get home, trim stems at a 45° angle and place in cool water.
    • To keep blooms fresh, change water daily and avoid direct sunlight.



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