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  • What makes Huldra different from other florists?
    Huldra Floral is a floral design studio that specializes in Weddings. Yep. You read that right. Our main service is weddings. Most other florists have 5 or 6 different services they offer, with weddings usually being their 3rd priority. That means they can easily get spread thin and potentially not give you the attention to detail you need for your wedding. Here at Huldra, we only offer weddings. To go even further, we only book ONE wedding per weekend. That way, we can whole heartedly focus on one couple at a time to make their wedding absolutely perfect. Another cool thing about us, we don't have a store front. We work out of a studio that is open to the public by appointment. We only buy flowers for specific events. Meaning, we put in a lot of time and effort in tailoring our orders to each and every couple. We have a strong belief in doing business responsibly. There are many traditional florist practices that aren't that great for the planet. And instead of passing on the problem to our customers and future generations, we take responsibility to be better. Not only for our customers, but for the planet as well. For more about us visit our About Us page here. Fore more about our Sustainability Practices, click here.
  • Is there a minimum budget or spend?
    At this time we have a $3,000 minimum for Full Service weddings. Although most of our couples spend $8,000 - $15,000 on flowers. We've created a Budget Guide to help you get an idea of what things may be included in your budget. You can find our guide here.
  • How does this whole wedding flower thing work?
    Here at Huldra, we're here to help. To take the confusion and mystery out of planning your wedding flowers. With 4 simple steps, we'll walk with you through the whole process. 1. Consultation / Q+A form 2. Design Recommendation / Estimate 3. Planning Session 4. Your Wedding Day We're here to answer all your questions. Even the ones you might be afraid or uncomfortable to ask. We want you to feel 100% secure in what you're investing in. Find more about our process here.
  • How much do wedding flowers usually cost?
    If we were comparing apples to apples, this would be an easy question to answer. Instead we are comparing all types of fruit. Your wedding may be very different from someone else's wedding. What one person would spend on let's say a banana, may be something completely different than what another person would spend on a pomegranate. Instead of talking fruit, we've created a Budget Guide with real numbers to help elaborate more on what could be included in your price range. You can find our Budget Guide here.
  • What floral arrangements are necessary for my wedding?
    To answer this question, I must first ask you a question... What part of your wedding day is the MOST important to you and your partner? Ceremony? Reception? Loved ones? All of the above? Or just you two? By answering this question, we can really get down to the necessities. If the Reception is the most important thing, let's focus on the reception flowers. If the Ceremony is the most important to you, let's focus on making your ceremony special. If only you two are important, let's focus on framing both of you throught the enitire day. Only after answering that question can you know what floral arrangements are necessary for your wedding. You don't NEED flowers everywhere. You don't NEED everyone to have a boutonniere, corsage or bouquet. Ask yourself, what's really important to you and your partner? From there, we can focus on making those areas unique to you both.
  • How do I organize a consultation?
    The first step is to submit an initial inquiry. We will then be in contact with you to schedule a consultation. You can find that form here. Learn more about our process here.
  • What do I need to know/bring with me to a wedding consultation?
    To answer this question, I really need to explain what a consultation is for. A wedding consultation is simply a meeting between you (the client) and me (the florist). Here we get together and discuss the two biggest details of your wedding. 1. Your budget. 2. Your tentative wish list. These two details are ultimately what the consultation is for. Getting all the information I need to give you a quote. From there YOU get to decide what's right for you. Everything else, ( color palette, vendors, times, etc.) are also important, but aren't necessary for our first meeting. We know wedding planning is hard, and it's OK to not know everything right away. That's why we have our "Planning Session" about 6-10 weeks before your wedding date. You're more than welcome to bring all your ideas and questions with you to the consult, but also know that you're not required to bring or know anything to the consult. We love our clients and want to be as helpful as humanly possible. We want your wedding day to be stunning and seamless, just as much as you do.
  • Do I need a theme or vision for my day?
    No, not at all. We do suggest that you do a little research about the types of flowers and designs you like. Everyone's tastes are different and there are hundreds of options when it comes to wedding flower design. Even one or two inspiration photos can point us all in the right direction. You don't need to have thought through every detail. We're always happy to provide suggestions and options for ceremony and reception styling ideas as well.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    We suggest a minimum of 6-12 months in advance, but we can easily work within a shorter planning timeframe. We do recommend paying your deposit as early as possible as we only take ONE wedding per weekend. After your deposit is paid we can easily sort through changes and revisions to the order details, nothing needs to be firmly set in stone until 6 weeks prior to your wedding day.
  • Are some flowers only available during some months of the year?
    Yes, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and weather conditions have a significant impact on availability of flowers. For example, Peonies are only available for a few weeks in mid-Spring (most often end of May - early June) but the specific availability often changes from year to year, depending on how cold the winter has been and how wet the early weeks of spring are. We're working on a list of our favorite blooms per season so follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.
  • Where are you located?
    Our studio is based in Plum City, Wisconsin. We coordinate flowers for couples getting married all across the Mississippi River Valley and surrounding counties. Both Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • Do you travel?
    Our studio is based out of Plum City, Wisconsin. We flower all along the Mississippi River Valley, both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Listed below are some of the cities and towns we frequently serve. Minnesota - Cambridge, Cannon Falls, Duluth, Forest Lake, Goodhue, Hastings, Lake City, Red Wing, Rochester, Stillwater, Twin Cities Metro, Winona, Zumbrota and more. Wisconsin - Alma, Baldwin, Hudson, Eau Claire, Ellsworth, Maiden Rock, Menomonie, Mondovi, Pepin, River Falls, Somerset, Spring Valley, Stockholm, Superior and more. Not sure if your venue is within range? Get in touch and we'll happily let you know if we can make it work!
  • Will you deliver my wedding flowers on the day?
    Absolutely, we'll deliver all your flowers personally. We'll coordinate the time, location and cost of delivery with you during the planning process.
  • Does your Delivery Fee include Set Up?
    No, it does not. Set Up will be charged separately from the delivery.
  • Do you offer rental items or do I need to supply my own vases?
    We do offer rental items - vases, candle holders, ceremony archway. If you would like to supply your own vases, we ask that you drop them off washed with the stickers removed.
  • Why don't you recommend flat lay foliage or foliage garlands?
    All those beautifully styled photos of delicate foliage strewn 'just so' on a table - I know it's got you dreaming of creating a similar effect for your day. And my guess is you're assuming it's a cheaper alternative to flowers. Here are a few things to know about flat lay foliage: - Most of the images you see on Pinterest are heavily styled photoshoots and not easily replicable in real life. - Creating the same effect as those photos is REALLY EXPENSIVE because it's (1) time consuming, (2) uses a lot of foliage and (3) the foliage is expensive. To give you an idea of $$$: Let's assume you have 90 guests, to be seated at 3 banquet tables. Each table seats 30 guests, measuring around 32 ft in length. You want to run foliage from one end to the other. To do that, we need to allow about $330 in foliage for each table x 3 tables = $990 in foliage alone. Allowing 1 person 1 hour to do the set-up brings the total up to more than $1100. That cost would be even higher if it's a room flip, to cover the cost of a designer(s) waiting for the ceremony to finish and complete the design in the designated time window. That's a lot of money to spend on something that will not be featured in any of your favorite photos and end up in the bin at the end of the night. Our recommendation is to go with something really simple and stunning: 1. An abundance of candles - reinforces the romantic vibe of the evening. Oh and when we say abundance, we mean like 200 tea lights or 80 pillar candles and 120 tea lights. It's beautiful. 2. Delicate bud vases scattered down the center of each banquet table - featuring a mix of premium blooms coordinating with the color palette of your other florals. The best part, your guests can take the flowers home at the end of the night! Here's some inspiration here.
  • I'm thinking about DIY wedding flowers...
    Firstly, I want to ask the reasoning behind wanting to do the flowers youself. Whether it's because: - You love flowers, love being creative and have a DIY soul - You / a family member / a friend is a florist ~ OR ~ - You're hesitant because of the cost of hiring a professional. No matter what you decide, I'm here for it. I'll be cheering you on no matter what you choose. I'm here to equip you with the knowledge to succeed and help you acheive the most beautiful wedding. Here are a few things to keep in mind when DIYing your flowers. > Where are you sourcing them from? - Grocery stores won't be able to match your color palette and their flowers aren't well taken care of, so for best results you'll want to buy them NO EARLIER than the day before your wedding. If you're buying them from a flower farm, you'll likely get flowers that are delicate. They don't hold up well out of water and need to be kept cool (in a cooler) to prevent them from wilting before you walk down the aisle. > Do you have a space in your home / venue for flowers? - You'll want a cool space to store your flowers once you bring them home, while you're arranging and storing them before the ceremony. Depending on how much you're planning to DIY, you'll need a fairly large space to deal with flowers. A space that can get wet and very messy. I often wonder, how on earth something in my studio got wet or how leaves/stems ended up getting into something I never though it would, but here we are. > Who is going to help you arrange your flowers? - Since you'll be getting your flowers at the earliest the day before your wedding, before your rehearsal dinner, you'll likely be arranging the day of. As you are already aware, the day of you'll be really busy with hair, make-up, getting dressed, and photos. You won't have much time for designing all your centerpieces, bouquets, etc. So having as many pairs of hands as possible to help design is important. It can take a professional florist 8 hours to design 30 centerpieces. (Beware though, your bridesmaids aren't going to be super thrilled about helping design flowers. Especially if you've already asked them to help decorate the venue too.) > Transportation - How are you going to transport all your flowers to your ceremony and reception locations? Do you have a big enough vehicle to safely drive all your centerpieces, bouquets, etc. without them getting damaged in route? Will you have time to fix / replace damaged blooms once you get there? > Allergies - You also should keep in mind, any allergies you or someone helping you may have. I didn't know I was allergic to Eucalyptus, Cedar, Amaranthus, or frankly so many other flowers and foliages until I became a florist. You don't want to be broken out in hives or have a trip to the emergency room a couple hours before you walk down the aisle. > Cost - One thing to keep in mind about DIYing your flowers is cost. Fake flowers are always more expensive than fresh. The average cost of a silk Hydrangea is $9 - $15 / stem. For fresh, it's usually about $3 - $9 / stem. I hear over and over again, DIYing a wedding with silk flowers ends up costing more than just hiring a professional. AND you still have to do it yourself. Fresh flowers have their own set of costs. If you don't have the right tools, water sources, and environment for fresh flowers, your timeline gets significantly shortened and you run the risk of wilted flowers before the ceremony even starts. Wasting a lot of time and money. > Partial DIY - Let's say you have decided to have a professional florist make your bouquets and ceremony arch, but want to DIY your centerpieces. Many florists, including us at Huldra, will not take on your wedding if you decide to DIY a part of your wedding. This practice is in place to protect our reputation, liability and the professional integrity of our business. You can also get into legal trouble if you DIY part of your wedding without telling your florist, breaking our contract under the 'Exclusivity of Services' clause. Now, some florists are more than happy to still help with your wedding flowers if you decide to DIY a portion. If that is the route you would like to take, we will gladly point you in the direction of our trusted florist friends who do not require exclusivitiy of services. . . . . . . . . . All that being said, I strongly suggest the only reason you're doing your own flowers is because you LOVE it and it's something you absolutely adore. I know many florists who hire out their own weddings to other florists and if I were to rewind the clock, I would have as well. If price is ultimately what's stopping you from hiring a professional, maybe flowers don't need to be a big part of your day. Maybe allocate your budget to something else and skip flowers all together. Or only focus flowers in the really important areas. I often recommend skipping guest table centerpieces and pew ends, because you likely won't be hanging a photo of your centerpieces above your couch or sending a photo of your pew ends on a Christmas card. . . . . . . . . . . I hope you found that helpful. If you're looking for more recommendations, follow us on Instagram. We are always posting new ideas and tips for planning your wedding flowers.
  • Are there specific flowers you recommend?
    Absolutely, we are currently working on a list of our favorite seasonal blooms. In the mean time, some of our favorites are: Ranunculus Roses Tulips Lisianthus Amaranthus Blue Thistle Dahlia Cremons Limonium / Statice Waxflower
  • Can I order a single arrangement?
    Being a studio florist specializing in weddings, at this time we do not offer single arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, etc. We do pop up in the Pierce County area for major floral holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. For updates on upcoming pop ups, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Don't see an answer to your question?
    We LOVE questions! If you're question wasn't answered above, reach out to us! We'll gladly help in anyway we can. Send an email to Lisa and she'll be able to answer any question you can think of.
  • Do you offer full service or partial packages?
    Yes! Every wedding is similar, but different enough that we decided to offer a more A La Carte style menu rather than packages. That way you can still choose what's important to you and your partner, and skip the rest. A La Carte - personal flowers - simple table flowers - delivery not included This option is for those who aren't looking for a lot in the way of flowers. You're looking to cover your bases for the bridal party and maybe something for the guest tables. You come pick up the flowers the morning of, and go get married. Full Service - personal flowers - guest table flowers - head table flowers - floral installations (ceremony, reception, or both) - rental items (candles, runners, etc.) - delivery, set-up and teardown of all florals and rentals on site. This option is for those who want an IG worthy wedding without all the stress. Still in an A La Carte fashion, choosing what items are important to you and skipping the rest. ** The addition of on site installations and/or rental items take you from an "A La Carte" option to being Full Service. Our standard operating procedure for Full Service weddings include set-up and tear down of all floral installations and/or rental items to prevent injury or damage to all personnel and property involved. Most planners and venues have contracts that state they will not aid in the set-up or removal of floral installations anyway, so we've adjusted our services to accommodate for that.


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