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Nestled along the winding roads of Western Wisconsin arise many species of native grasses and wildflowers, providing the backdrop and inspiration to Huldra Floral. 

As you explore our site, take note that our arrangements are designed with an assortment of locally sourced and foraged flowers, greenery and botanicals. This practice promotes economic sustainability in our community, by supporting local farmers, and is just one of the ways we support an eco-conscious business model. 

Here at Huldra we are committed to creating designs in a way that respects the Earth. We believe that there shouldn't be a conflict between beauty and sustainability. Click the link below to learn more about our sustainability practices. 


About Huldra Floral

My name is Lisa. My nickname is Lis (pronounced "lease"). I am a wife, mother of boys, avid outdoors woman and owner of Huldra Floral Co. 


Some of my favorite outdoor activities include fishing, camping and canoeing. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is my happy place. Nothing compares to the fresh lake air and the sound of loons singing their evening song. All the mosquitos in the forest come out to give you a goodnight kiss, and the wild flowers along the portages guide you through a truly magical place.​​

I have an unnecessary obsession with plant identification and oversized water bottles. I appreciate the beauty of a well designed spreadsheet. I also have a fairly questionable taste in music and often drive in silence. I have an unhealthy relationship with cheese and believe the amount of cheese in a recipe should be measured with your heart, not a cup. 

My passion for the outdoors is captured in my work. Through locally sourced flowers, greenery and native grasses. ​

Meet Lisa
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