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Ruby Ficus

PriceFrom $38.00
  • Ficus Elastica 'Ruby' - Pink varigated Rubber Tree

    She comes in her 6 inch Nursery Pot. 



    Choose the matte black ceramic pot option with black stones for a dramatic look, while maintaining ease of care. (As pictured.)

  • Pot / Transplanting: She'll do best if you leave her in her nursery pot while she adjusts to her new home (6-12 months). If you'd like a more decorative pot, you can choose the ceramic pot option or pick out your own. Just nestle her nursery pot into the decorative cover pot. Then transplant to a larger pot about once every year to keep up with her growth.  

    Light:  Like all her kin in the Ficus family, she appreciates bright light. She'll live her best life in a northeast - east facing window. Soft direct morning light that turns to bright indirect light for the rest of the day. Avoid strong direct sun exposure. 

    Temp:  She fits into our midwest homes just fine. She prefers 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Water:  Take the inner (nursery) pot out to water. Water thoroughly and let drip dry before returning to the cover pot. She doesn't like wet feet. Water about once every 1-2 weeks depending on your environment. You'll want the top of her soil to dry out about 1-2 inches between waterings. 

    Soil:  She prefers well draining soil, kept lightly moist. 

    Safety:  She is poisonous to both pets and humans. Her milky sap is not good to ingest or get on your skin. Avoid all sap. 

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