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Lemon Cypress

  • Lemon 'Goldcrest' Cypress - 4 in. 

    This showy cypress is known for it's green-yellow foliage that smells like citrus. 

    Zone: 7-10

  • Light: The hardest part of keeping a lemon cypress is giving it sufficient light. Regularly grown outdoors, this cutie requires a lot of light. To keep it happy, you'll need to keep it in a south facing window and rotate the pot regularaly so each side gets a turn in the sun. 

    Temp: Although it cannot handle a northern freeze, this plant is perfect for those of you who keep your thermostat in the low 60s during the winter months. 

    Water: Not drought tolerant. It likes a good drenching about once a week or so. If you see dry soil, water it. 

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