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  • Blue Point Juniper - 10 in.

    This tree can be grown indoors and outdoors! This beauty can be used for your holiday decor this winter then planted out in your landscaping in the spring for 4 season interest. It's blue foliage and upright growth habit are absolutely stunning as a texture or statement piece. 

    Zone: 4-9

    Maturity: 10-15 ft Tall, 6-10 ft Wide


  • Light: This beauty requires full to partial sunlight. If you're growing indoors, place in a bright window and rotate every time you water to maintain shape. 

    Pruning: It will maintain it's pyramid shape and does not require any pruning. 

    Water: The Juniper should be treated like a tree. The top 2-3 inches should dry out between waterings, while maintaining light moisture at the roots. 

    Soil: Prefers well draining soil.

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