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Golden Pothos

  • Epipremnum aureum - Golden Pothos

    This pothos is the original pothos many of us started our collection with. It is also the most commonly available pothos variety. It's heart shaped leaves are streaked with a beautiful golden-yellow varigation. 

  • Light: Pothos can handle a variety of light conditions. From medium light to direct sun, these plants are the best for any beginner grower. As with most plants, they do prefer brighter areas and their varigation will be most prominent when given ample light. 

    Water: Moderate waterings are best for pothos. Let the top couple inches of soil dry out between waterings. Frequency of watering varies on your environment and size of plant. 

    Safety: All pothos contain a milky sap that can be irritating to the skin. Take care not to touch any sap or ingest any parts of the pothos plant. 

    Temp: Remeber that pothos are a jungle plant. They like temps between 65 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels above 40%. 

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