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Arboricola Schefflera

  • Varigated Arboriola Schefflera - 4 inch.

    The Arboricola is the dwarf variety of the traditional Scheffleras. This showy variegated arboricola is a new one to add to your collection. 

  • Light: Arboricolas and Scheffleras prefer bright indirect light. If they get leggy or floppy, they aren't receiving enough light. As with most variegated plants, the brighter the light the more prominent the varigation will be. If your plant is slowly turning solid green, it's not getting adequate light. 

    Water: They enjoy being on the drier side. Let the top few inches of soil dry out and water thoroughly. They enjoy a good soaking. Be mindful though, they don't like sitting in water. Overwatering will eventually kill it. 

    Temp: Arboricolas and Scheffleras are tropical plants. They suffer if they are kept below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not expose them to drafts or dry heating vents. An underwatered or cold Schefflera will drop leaves quickly and should be treated as a serious issue as they will not recover. 

    Safety: Although it can't kill you, they are poisonous. Please keep small children away from these plants. 

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